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Tipi, Tepee or Teepee?
There is no right or wrong way to spell it, but here is the important thing, at Garden Weddings, we work with carefully selected Tipi manufacturers. Our Tipis are not only beautifully eye catching, they are durable, completely weather proof, fire retardant and what makes us extra special, is that our tipis are produced right here in the UK.

One of the questions that we hear most frequently, alongside, 'where can we have a tipi wedding reception', is, 'how many tipis do I need for my wedding/event.' We have created four template floor plans for a selection of Tipi Set ups to help you.

We know it can be an overwhelming experience planning a full tipi event, but remember, this is what we do. You tell us what you are looking for, where you are looking to hold your event, how many guests etc... and we can work everything out for you. 

Find your perfect plan below... 

Single Tipi

Seating 50 Guests - 75 Evening

A single Tipi is the perfect addition to your special event or intimate wedding reception, seating up to 50 guests and having the capacity for 75 evening guests. Add an awning extension to add a little extra comfort and room for you and your guests or add a chill out area or dance floor space with the addition of a Kub Tipi

Kub Tipi

Chill Out Lounge or additional space...

As the name suggests, our Kub tipi is a smaller version of the Giant Hat tipi. Connected to your tipi set up, our Kub will add additional room for your chill out, dance floor or bar area.

Double Tipi

Seating 100 Guests - 150 Evening

Our most popular tipi option is the Double Tipi Set up. Comfortably seating 70/80 guests with the choice to seat up to 120 guests if required. The usual floor plan uses one tipi for the seating area and the second tipi then becomes the ultimate dance floor area, chill out lounge or bar area. Click below to view our floor plan.

Triple Tipi

Seating 150 Guests - 225 Evening

If you are looking at seating 100+ guests, then a triple tipi set up is where you need to begin looking. The maximum standing capacity reaches 200+ in this configuration. So larger evening parties have lots of space. With several layouts for a triple tipi set up, this is where bespoke seating plans really start to take shape. 

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