Tipi Wedding Yorkshire - Teepee Wedding Yorkshire

Why a Tipi?

There is something uniquely special and atmospheric about a tipi. This owes partly to the romanticized view we have of the cultures that use tipis, partly to their unusual, satisfying form and largely to the fact that they serve as a blank canvas for you to splash your own personality or theme all over. The ability to add fairly lights, fire pits and stages for bands as well as a number of other magical embellishments combine to make tipis a singular proposition.

The Memories

If we’re honest most weddings we’ve been to tend to merge together and it can be difficult to separate the specific details from each wedding in our minds. This is not the case with tipi weddings. If you choose a tipi wedding, yours will stand out alone not only in your own memory but in that of your guests and families.


The desire to reintegrate with nature has never been stronger – it has been noted by environmental and social scientists alike – partly owing to the recent lockdowns – and a tipi wedding provides the perfect opportunity to get together with family and friends and celebrate one of the most important days of your life, surrounded by the natural world.


Tipis are actually incredibly practical structures, especially in the UK. Coming as they do from the Sami communities in Northern Finland, tipis are particularly suited for cooler climates, but also work perfectly in summer. This flexibility makes tipis perfect for the UK’s unpredictable weather.

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Luxury Tipis

Many manufacturers outsource their tipi designs to countries with cheap labour and production costs, often at the expense of quality control. Garden Weddings Tipi Hire source all of our tipis from UK manufacturers, ensuring quality is controlled at all times and our fleet is filled only with luxury, quality tipis. This is true of all of our tipis, from larger models to our new baby tipis.

Each tipi is manufactured from a highly durable fabric that is water resistant, moisture regulating, fire retardant and highly breathable, making for a comfortable environment for use in the hotter and colder months. Our luxury tipis are not only breathtakingly beautiful but highly practical and reliable.

There is simply nothing to hold you back when it comes to fulfilling your dream of a tipi wedding, so get planning and get in touch!

Garden Weddings Tipi Hire - Yorkshire Tipi Wedding

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The Way We Work

Our approach to tipi hire is entirely customer focussed. We strive, at every turn, to fulfil the unique requirements of our diverse customer base, always going the extra mile to help turn your dreams into reality with practical, real world solutions.

The Area We Cover

We provide tipi hire across Yorkshire and as well as providing tipis for locations of your choosing we are also partnered with a wide variety of special venues in the area. If you are just outside the Yorkshire boundary, please feel free to contact us to discuss.


Bookings can be made well in advance to help with flexibility and our prices are fixed throughout the year, with no premiums on popular weeks and months. Start planning your event, by contacting us here.

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Prices and Packages

We offer a wide range of packages and our list of prices can be found in our brochure, which can be downloaded here

As well as our highly attractive tipi hire options, we also offer a variety of all-inclusive wedding packages, working alongside our partner venues.

In terms of tipi options, some of our most popular selections include:


Single Tipi

Perfect for intimate weddings or garden parties, the single Tipi can accommodate up to 50 guests seated or 75 guests standing.

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Double Tipi

For between 80 - 150 guests, the double tipi comes with a central raise enabling you to make the most of the great outdoors

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Triple and above!

Does your event look a little bigger? Why not link 3 or more Tipis together, our crew as some of the most experienced Tipi riggers in the UK. You tell us how many guests and we'll tell you how many Tipis 


Optional Extras

Other options including naked tipis (perfect for an additional chill out area for your event) and kub tipis (a lovely option for a little separate space for toasting marshmallows or dancing) and baby tipis (for smaller gatherings) are available.


Why a Tipi is better than a marquee!

In essence a tipi is a kind of marquee, but in our opinion it is the best way to provide the ultimate marquee experience. Research has shown evidence of tipi dwellings dating as early as 10,000BC. Since then they have been perfected by many cultures and the tipi as we know it today, is not only a beautiful sight, but also a highly practical structure, capable of withstanding myriad weather conditions, providing a cooling experience in summer and a warming one in winter. There really is no comparison between a quality UK manufactured tipi and a generic marquee. 

The feeling you get when you walk into one of our tipis is indescribable. It’s almost as if somewhere in your genetic coding you are tapping into a distant ancestral memory. Once acclimatised you can set about transforming the space into the venue of your dreams thanks to the fact that a tipi provides a blank canvas for you to work with. At every stage we are more than happy to help with ideas and contacts for kitting out your tipi so it is just how you want it.

Come To Our Open Days!

There’s nothing quite like a good old open day to showcase our quality, luxurious tipis and provide interested parties with an idea of how they look when fully kitted out. An open day will give you a great idea of how many tipis, which kind of tipi and what size you will need for any event. Details of our very latest showcase events can be found here, where you can also book your place. We look forward to seeing you and showing you around our fleet of wonderful tipis!