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Alice and Jordan – a Garden Weddings Success Story

Garden Weddings live to deliver the highest quality tipis to our customers and to help make weddings memorable for all the right reasons. We use all of our decade plus experience to ensure that our customers all take advantage of the full range of benefits that a tipi wedding can offer. With this in mind we’d like to take you on a little journey; describing some of the details that made Alice and Jordan’s recent wedding so special.

Alice and Jordan’s wedding was blessed with the presence of one of our triple giant tipis, which was laid out in a linear formation offering an impressively spacious accommodation for the reception and evening festivities. A great amount of preparation went into turning the blank tipi canvas into the space of the couple’s dreams and outside the tipis a big sign saying ‘LOVE’ really set the tone for the day. The tipis were set up in a delightful field and the couple had set up hay bales and pallets to serve as seating and table areas for drinks and nibbles on what was a beautiful sunny day.

There were plenty of younger ones present and they were all delighted by the huge, open faced, white bouncy castle, which glistened like a giant marshmallow in the sunshine. Some of the adults even ventured aboard for a bit of fun and frivolity! The outdoor space around the tipi was brilliant for the afternoon, providing the ideal backdrop for many a group conversation and a lovely view to enjoy while having a few drinks and some delicious canopes.

Inside the tipi itself, fairy lights were entwined around the ballasts and the tables, chairs and benches were subtly decorated to create a rustic, informal look that set all the guests at ease, allowing conversation to flow and relationships to blossom. An area was set aside for marshmallow toasting and in the evening the floor cleared for a good old dance, which was very much the perfect end to a perfect day.