Tipi Hire

Why a tipi?

There is something uniquely special and atmospheric about a tipi. This owes partly to the romanticized view we have of the cultures that use tipis, partly to their unusual, satisfying form and largely to the fact that they serve as a blank canvas for you to splash your own personality or theme all over. The ability to add fairly lights, fire pits and stages for bands as well as a number of other magical embellishments combine to make tipis a singular proposition.

The Memories

If we’re honest most weddings we’ve been to tend to merge together and it can be difficult to separate the specific details from each wedding in our minds. This is not the case with tipi weddings. If you choose a tipi wedding, yours will stand out alone not only in your own memory but in that of your guests and families.


The desire to reintegrate with nature has never been stronger – it has been noted by environmental and social scientists alike – partly owing to the recent lockdowns – and a tipi wedding provides the perfect opportunity to get together with family and friends and celebrate one of the most important days of your life, surrounded by the natural world.


Tipis are actually incredibly practical structures, especially in the UK. Coming as they do from the Sami communities in Northern Finland, tipis are particularly suited for cooler climates, but also work perfectly in summer. This flexibility makes tipis perfect for the UK’s unpredictable weather.



Our approach to our tent hire is entirely customer focussed. We strive, at every turn, to fulfil the unique requirements of our diverse customer base, always going the extra mile to help turn your dreams into reality with practical solutions.


We provide tent hire across Yorkshire and beyond. As well as providing tents at a location of your choosing, we are also partnered with a wide variety of special venues.


We offer a wide range of options and our guide prices can be found in our brochure, you can download below. We provide all of our clients with a bespoke, itemised quote for their event. Contact us to request your quote!

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