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Budgeting for a Tipi Wedding in Yorkshire! How Much Does a Tipi Wedding Cost?

Congratulations on your recent engagement… Exciting times are ahead!

No doubt your mind is buzzing with ideas for how you want your special day. Where will your wedding be held? Who are you going invite? What menu should you choose to feed your guests? The possibilities are endless, so… welcome to the Garden Weddings guide to planning THE BEST Tipi wedding! We’ve pooled together our many years of expertise to create you this ultimate guide!

Magical Hint: There are lots of budgeting apps available to download which will help you asses your finances and wedding budget!

Tipi Wedding Yorkshire

Our first piece of advice is to go over your finances and set a budget. It’s no secret that a wedding is a costly event, although definitely well worth it! It’s very easy to get carried away… With every wedding fair & showcase that you attend, you will see something new & exciting. These things may not have been considered in your initial budget… Try your very best to set a budget & stick to it but maybe have a little room for movement!

Tipi Wedding Yorkshire

Setting a budget doesn’t have to be boring! You should start with the basics & look at your joint income. Then question, “Can we make any withdrawals from the bank of mum & dad?” or any other family members? Once you’ve assessed your available balance, it’s time to jazz it up! Are you a whiz with a spreadsheet or more of a techy with the latest wedding budget app already downloaded? Whichever way is going to help you track your budget, personalise the life out of it & this will be a brilliant starting point and your benchmark to work from.

Tipi Wedding Hire Cost

Happy Budgeting!

If you have set your budget and would like a bespoke quote from Garden Weddings Tipi Hire, contact our events team today & let’s talk about your magical Tipi Wedding! Email: Phone: 07403 417 524 Images: Emma McNair Photography