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Can I get married in a Tipi and if so, how do I plan it?


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It’s little wonder that people continue to be confused as to the rules of getting married in a field, in a tipi, because the rules in England and Wales make for head-scratching reading. Unfortunately as things stand, in these two UK countries, you can’t actually have the legal ceremony in a tipi because the Home Office rules stipulate that a suitable roofed structure must be licensed by the relevant County Registrar and approved by the Fire Officer. If you have your heart set on a full tipi wedding then the wonderfully relaxed laws in Scotland mean that you can do so, north of the border. For the rest of this article, however, we shall assume that you are going to be celebrating your wedding, after the ceremony in a tipi.

Planning a tipi wedding celebration

Proximity to ceremonial venue

One of the most important factors in planning a tipi wedding is to make sure that the venue of the ceremony is within easy access of the field in which you are situating the tipi. You don’t want guests getting lost or the party being delayed by traffic jams.

Choose the right field

You will want to spend time researching the perfect place for your tipi ceremony, within the parameters of the right kind of geographical location. Having a picturesque backdrop to your ceremony and a beautiful view as the sun goes down on your special day will make all the difference.


Having a wedding celebration in a tipi is a magical affair and proper lighting goes a long way to heightening that magic, not to mention ensuring that people can see where they are going. Lighting just under the rim of the tipi looks spectacular and having lit pathways from the parking area to the tipi or tipis is essential from a health and safety perspective and it also looks rather wonderful.

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You will want to inform your tipi provider and wedding planner if you have one, exactly what facilities you will need. Your tipi provider should be able to advise on generator supply, toilet facilities and other essential pieces of the puzzle and will probably be able to provide the bulk of what you need. You will want to ensure that the rigging engineers are first to arrive on site to get the structure in place.

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Tipi, or tipis?

You will want to decide how many tipis you will need for your celebrations. Perhaps you would like to have separate spaces for a bar, eating and dancing. Whatever you decide, tipis offer a flexibility of internal space that few venues can match.


This is where it gets really fun. A tipi wedding is unique in that you start with a blank canvas and can literally choose any direction in which to take your decorations for the big day. Use the opportunity to make the space reflect your personalities and it will only serve to augment the magical feeling a tipi wedding will bring.

For more information on planning a Tipi wedding or to speak to a member of Garden Weddings, don’t hesitate to contact us on the details below: W: https://www.garden-weddings.co.uk E: hi@garden-weddings.co.uk M: 07403 417 524