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Garden Weddings’ Bronte Made MUTA Board Member!

We are delighted to announce that Bronte, one of the owners of Garden Weddings has recently been announced as he latest MUTA executive board member. This is a prestigious position and reflects the strong standing of Garden Weddings in the marquee business as well as Bronte’s tireless work and exacting standards.

MUTA, standing for ‘Made Up Textiles Association’ is the UK’s only trade association dedicated to marquees, tents and temporary structures. It was initially formed to bring and keep the industry together and moving forward with a united goal, but today it has an active role in representing the industry in a positive light within the British Standards Institute, the CEN in Europe and the AGOTS committee of the Institute of Structural Engineers. Without MUTA the industry would be left to follow rather than lead.

Unlike the eight founders who all traded in textiles as either importers or end product manufacturers, the majority of today’s board member are hirers of marquees, tents or structures, much like Garden Weddings. Of course, this is something of a sign of the times, with the service industry in the UK being much stronger than its manufacturing industry.

Bronte Hall is actually the youngest person ever to join the MUTA executive board and after Jenna Ackerley (Events Under Canvas) the second woman. Bronte is delighted to have accepted the role and looks forward to working alongside other leading names in our treasured industry including Lee Dalton of Roder UK, Johnny Cooper of Coopers Marquees and Robert Carter of J&J to name but a few. As well as all of the others on the board Bronte is excited to be part of a team that can genuinely help to raise and maintain standards in the marquee tent and structure industry.