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Garden Weddings Flagship Venue Wins Crowned Best UK Venue!


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Feeling very much like the cat that got the cream, Garden Weddings are over the moon to be able to announce that our flagship wedding venue, Skipbridge Country Weddings has only gone and done it! They’ve won what is inarguably the most prestigious award that any UK wedding venue can win – none other than ‘Best UK Venue’. In Hollywood terms, this is ‘Best Film’ and in domestic football terms it’s ‘Premier League Champions!’ It is an immensely prestigious award and we our so proud of what our team and our affiliates have achieved after what has been a difficult couple of years for all, to say the least!

What are the Wedding Industry Awards?

These awards represent the industry’s major client voted regional and national awards. It is in a way the industry’s way of pinpointing the very best services at every stage of the wedding process, including suppliers and providers of all goods and services relating to weddings. For instance there is an award for best UK musicians and we were absolutely delighted to see our industry friends 24 Live come away with this award on what was a tremendous night for all associated with Garden Weddings.

wedding tipi yorkshire, tipi wedding yorkshire

Skipbridge Country Weddings is an astoundingly beautiful venue, famed for its hobbit hole and willow bower, but also of course for a wide array of Garden Weddings’ very own, luxury, British made tipis. In addition Skipbridge plays hows to our special showcase events, to which people come from far and wide to be shown and to inspect our fleet of tipis. Showcase season is almost upon us, with our first event in April at Skipbridge and this award will only make our showcase event even more popular. Days like these give us the perfect platform to show and tell interested parties just how wonderful a tipi wedding can be.

We can’t wait to see you there and are tremendously excited to find out what the rest of 2022 has in store for us!