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Garden Weddings on the TV!

Trust Channel 4 to consistently find new ways to tap into those late evening programmes that have just the right balance of intrigue and easy to digest chill-out factor. Their latest concoction is comedy legend Johnny Vegas’ Carry On Glamping. Showing on Wednesdays at 10pm, the show focuses on Johnny’s new project involving converting old buses into bespoke accommodation for a glamping site in Harrogate. A great idea, I’m sure you’ll agree. But how do Garden Weddings fit in? Well as you know, our business is tipis and the film crew needed one for their big reveal of the glamping site. Of course we were delighted to fulfil their requirements and if you tune in you’ll be sure to see one of our lovely tipis in the limelight! Of course, due to Covid restrictions filming was restricted to the cast and production crew, so we’ve had to wait to enjoy the big reveal alongside all of you… As of the time of writing there are already several episodes available on Channel 4, which you can watch online or on catch up.

Let’s take a closer look at the idea behind the documentary. Not everyone is aware that Johnny Vegas is actually an art school graduate, but it is perhaps this desire to create that has been rekindled and helped him to formulate such an ambitious and insightful plan which will almost certainly be a roaring success, especially with the heightened demand both for domestic holidays but also for reconnecting with the natural world and camping – or in this case glamping. Of course, Vegas being Vegas there are always going to be moments of great hilarity, some intended, others not so. Anything that shines a light on the great potential of outdoor fun and frivolity is always going to pique our interest and the Garden Weddings team are delighted to have been given the opportunity to contribute in our own little way to this show.

In the context of the need to address climate change and become a greener society, the idea of upcycling old vehicles and repurposing them for characterful lodgings is not only quirky and intriguing but also prescient and insightful and the sort of project that Garden Weddings are more than happy to put our name to. Hopefully it will lead to other similar opportunities and you may get to see our tipis on the TV again! As for now, like you we are tuning in and enjoying the roller-coaster ride that Johnny Vegas is providing and we are on tenterhooks to see what the finished site will look like.

The versatility of our tipis is something of which we are extremely proud and television productions of this kind are perfectly suited to the airy, flexible space that our tipis can provide. With summer getting very close, we are excited to discover all of the exciting plans our many varied customers have for our ever-expanding fleet of luxury tipis of all shapes and sizes. Until then, enjoy the show!