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How to give your Wedding that Festival Feeling

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Image: Chloe and Wayne, Cannon Hall Tipi Wedding, Emma McNair Photography

Music fans the world over are craving a return to some kind of normality, where the idea of sharing muddy fields with euphoric strangers all bonding over their favourite music doesn’t feel like a science fiction plot! While it may involve a scaled down attendance, there is no reason why you can’t aim for a wedding that rekindles that festival feeling! Even if you will still need to be Covid-compliant, it’s much easier if your wedding makes good use of outdoor spaces.

Whether you’re a Glasto devotee, a Reading reveller, a 6Music stargazer or a Bloodstock binger many of these ideas of how to make your wedding an homage to your festival-going nature will resonate and help you to turn your dreams into a very achievable reality.

A weekend affair

The great thing about having a festival themed wedding is that you can make it a weekend-long affair, just like some of your favourite festivals. By having tipis for the celebration and yurts or asking guests to bring tents that guests can sleep in, you will really invoke the festival spirit. Finding and choosing a field suitable for your celebration is half the battle. Once you’ve achieved this, then you can begin to source your tipi for the wedding reception and entertainment.


One of the great things about tipis for weddings is that unlike many indoor spaces they are very easily customisable in terms of décor and creating a desired atmosphere. Decide on a colour scheme and go with it. Fully embrace your chosen festival aesthetic, whether it be tie-died ‘70s nostalgia, complete with Nag Champa incense wafting through the tipi, Viking-style folk metal faux furs, horns and mead, a Day-Glo rave style or a colourful modern vibe the tipi is your canvas!

Image: Rebecca & Marco, Cannon Hall Tipi Wedding, You Only Live Once Photography


As well as your main tipi, you may want to opt for an additional tipi, with different activities, including games for kids (and adults). Entertainment is really important in perfecting the festival wedding and there are also some excellent outdoor games like boules, cricket or Aunt Sally that can really get things going. This is an excellent way to enhance the festival atmosphere and get people moving and enjoying themselves. In addition, you’ll definitely want a stage area, for a great local band or DJ, or both to really get the party started. A fire pit, where people can gather round, chat and even roast marshmallows is a wonderful idea, for the evening.

Image: Ellie and Ben, Cannon Hall Tipi Wedding, Robert Peet Photography


Why not fully embrace the festival aesthetic by getting in a food truck? Pizzas, Thai or fish and chips, burgers or hot dogs? The choice is yours.

Finishing touches

Why not send out some of these customisable Wedfest wristbands along with invitations so that your guests are in the festival mood before they even get to your amazing venue? Other ideas include face painting, glitter stands for people to add glitter to their outfits and hand painted wooden signage for all that’s on site!

For more information on booking your Tipi wedding don’t hesitate to contact the Garden Weddings events team on: W: https://www.garden-weddings.co.uk/contact E: hi@garden-weddings.co.uk