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KUBZ Tipi Unique Pop-Up Bars

City Spaces transformed

While the pandemic has proved immensely challenging for the leisure sector, there have also been some opportunities there to adapt to the changing situation and create flexible spaces for drinking, eating and entertaining. With this in mind, the idea for KUBZ was born. KUBZ go into cities and transform unused spaces into unique pop-up bars, with distinct characteristics, atmosphere and vibes to best suit the demographic.

KUBZ have been incredibly busy running a Tipi bar in Barnsley which has been such a roaring success that they have branched out and are offering their services across the country. Their website, under the name ‘House Events’ explains in greater detail how their service works. Should you have an unused outdoor space that is well situated and could benefit from a unique approach to monetization, then KUBZ are seriously worth considering as there is a great demand for unique outdoor leisure spaces. KUBZ have great expertise and experience in transforming tipis into the perfect venues – their links to the wedding sector ensures this – so they can provide customised tipis that are perfect for events in both summer and winter months thanks to some clever adaptations.

The success of KUBZ tipi in Barnsley shows just what a little ingenuity and a point of difference can do to help transform unused urban spaces into thriving social hubs with the potential to showcase the best of local drinks such as craft beers and great street food. House Events have managed to distil the essence of a classic pop-up and bring it into the 21st century in Covid-secure spaces, helping local business people generate income in dead spaces and create great collaborations with all manner of local food and drink communities.

The team behind KUBZ are able to create truly magical tipi environments thanks to clever lighting that simply oozes atmosphere, simple and sophisticated internal décor and traditional wooden seating arrangements. There is just something about the form of a tipi that is innately satisfying and intoxicating and this is just one of the reasons that the idea has proven so successful in a whole host of cities across the country already.

The KUBZ tipi model has used a bookings system to great effect, ensuring that the spaces are never over-occupied and everyone can enjoy their food, drink and festivities feeling safe and relaxed. Alongside the food and drink KUBZ have integrated live music, helping to provide a platform for local acts that have struggled more than anyone during the pandemic and are raring to go, providing scintillating evening entertainment to the many customers who have missed experiencing live music for so long.

There is no doubt that the world has changed over the past couple of years and the team behind KUBZ is passionate in ensuring that local businesses can continue to thrive now and into the future. The flexibility of the pop-up urban tipi is unparalleled and no matter what ideas you may have for your unused space, this is the system that will give you the best chance to realise your vision. Please get in touch by email to discuss your ideas. contact@house-events.co.uk