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Location, Location, Location

Now, this is one of the BIG questions, it’s all about Location, Location, Location!

After all, if you don’t have a location you can’t get much further with your wedding planning journey. There are a few key questions that you should to consider before deciding on your location:

⛺ Is there enough space for a Tipi? We’d be happy to perform a site visit to check that your Tipi fits! ⛺ Is the site exposed to the elements? On top of a cliff, near the coastline might not the be the best location for a tent! ⛺ Does the venue or location have access to power & toilets? This is one less thing to worry about down the line.

If you are unsure about any of the above, contact Garden Weddings to arrange a site visit!

Teepee Hire Yorkshire – Tipi Hire Yorkshire – Cannon Hall Tipi Wedding

Once you have established the answers to these key questions, you can begin to think: “Shall we keep it close to home? Or Should we ask our family & friends to travel?”. The answer to this question is completely unique to you, as a couple, & what you want for you wedding. Maybe you’d like to host your wedding at the location of your first date & take it back to where it first began? This idea is perfect.

Whether it be your local pub, cricket pitch or park, this will always have a very special to you guys & in years to come, you’ll be able to visit this place and reminisce about what a fantastic day you had… It’s also an anniversary location sorted for life!

Tipi Hire Prices – Teepee Hire Prices – Garden Weddings Tipi Hire

Some of the best wedding venues, that suit you as a couple, can be miles away from your hometowns. If you choose to celebrate away from home, then you can make a weekend full of celebration, all of your friends & family can enjoy a weekend away with you, if you want them to! This is a great way to spend additional time with the people that you love & care about most.

Wherever you choose to tie the knot, why not plan in a little extra than just the wedding day celebration? Enjoying a meal the night before the wedding is a brilliant way for both sides of your family to meet (or reacquaint) before sharing your special day together.

Before parting ways, why not arrange to meet up the following day for a hung-over brunch? This is a fantastic way for everyone to share their favourite stories of the night before! When planning your wedding location, you should aim to make sure that all of your guests return home with a big smile on their face & memories of a celebration they won’t ever forget.

Wedding Teepee – Wedding Tipi – Yorkshire Tipi Wedding

Are you struggling to find the perfect location for your Yorkshire Tipi wedding? We have created an interactive map where you will be able to discover all of the Tipi wedding venues in and around Yorkshire! To access this map, click here!

Tipi Wedding Yorkshire – Teepee Wedding Yorkshire
Tipi Wedding Yorkshire – Teepee Wedding Yorkshire

To speak more about your Tipi wedding plans in Yorkshire, contact a member of the Garden Weddings team today: W: https://www.garden-weddings.co.uk E: hi@garden-weddings.co.uk

M: 07403 417 524