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Real Housewives of Garden Weddings

As July finally gives way to scorching summer temperatures, it is always exciting to be able to share details of an event that has taken full advantage of what we have to offer at Garden Weddings. Our extensive range of diverse, high quality tipis is in high demand at the moment and as the sun continues to shine and temperatures remain high it shows no sign of abating.

Real Housewives of Cheshire star Dawn Ward who has over half a million followers on Instagram gave followers a treat when she shared pictures and details of the gender reveal party she threw for her soon to be born granddaughter. Her eldest daughter Darby and her fiancé Michael Jackson were announcing the sex of their baby (it’s a girl). The party itself was a lavish affair and the reality TV star had hired one of our huge tipis and it looked absolutely stunning, with the surrounding ground covered in natural rattan material and the decorations, tables and settings showcasing just how flexible tipis are as a canvas on which you can paint your very own ideas for an exciting event. Dawn’s pregnant daughter Darby herself has over 270,000 followers so with the pictures, videos and even a nod to our services shared to this many people all of us at Garden Weddings are excited to see the new customers come calling!

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“Thank you @garden_weddings_tipi_hire for the most amazing teepee last minute your service was second to none.”

The stanchions in the tipi were covered with beautifully wound fairy lights which will have looked spectacular, while the tables and chairs were very much in the conservatory chic / colonial style, offset beautifully by the elevated bouquets of white roses, greenery and dried rushes. Outside the entrance to the tipi, a huge light-up ‘BABY’ sign helped remind revellers why they were there!

With foreign travel remaining difficult and the prospect of booking last minute holidays within the UK made tricky by massive increases in demand for accommodation why not make a holiday experience in your garden? You could create a proper festival style atmosphere with a Garden Weddings tipi, erect some tents and come up with family activities, or if alone or with a partner you could go for a more romantic setting. It’s amazing the boost that being outdoors can give to your overall sense of well-being and even if it is just a few steps from home, it can represent the break from normality that you need to recharge your batteries. With mixing outdoors now far easier, you could arrange a garden party, using a tipi as the centrepiece and perfect accommodation for outdoor dining, drinks and socialising. Tipis have always been extremely convivial spaces, bringing people together under a comforting, shady canopy and now, more than ever they combine perfect form, function and aesthetic for a wide range of events and circumstances.

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So, whether you want to host your own gender reveal party, or a party under any other name, you can rest assured that Garden Weddings tipi hire have you covered. Please get in touch with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team for information, any questions you may have or to place an order.