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Skipbridge Country Weddings Bags Yorkshire & North East Best Award

wedding tipi hire

At Garden Weddings we pride ourselves not only on our choice of tipis and the rigorous quality control that goes into sourcing them, we also take immense pride in our choice of venues, so imagine our joy when we heard that our flagship venue Skipbridge Country Weddings had just won the Wedding Industry Award for “Best Wedding Venue in Yorkshire and the North East!”

About The Wedding Industry Awards

The Wedding Industry Awards is the industry’s only annual client voted regional and national awards body. In handing out peer-voted rewards to wedding suppliers and venues it helps everyone involved in wedding planning to pinpoint the leading suppliers and providers.

There are a whole host of different categories from best band to florist, magician and caterer, with one of the most eagerly anticipated being the ‘best venue’ category as the winners definitely go on to see an upsurge in bookings as a result of the prestige and publicity surrounding the award.

What did Skipbridge Country Weddings win?

Skipbridge were crowned best wedding venue in Yorkshire and the North East – a highly coveted award covering a very large geographic area.

About Skipbridge Country Weddings

Skipbridge is a much-loved family run venue and benefits from its very own licensed ‘hobbit hole’ and willow bower, plus of course a stunning selection of our very best tipis for guests and couples to enjoy on their special day.

Wedding tipi hire

Skipbridge & Garden Weddings

Skipbridge Country Weddings not only boasts an array of Garden Weddings’ very own tipis for hosting their amazing weddings it also plays host to our very own showcase events. With showcase season rapidly approaching, news of this award will only serve to increase the popularity of our already very well attended showcase events. These days are the perfect way for us to demonstrate the vast array of benefits to having a tipi wedding. Attendees are always shocked to see how much you can fit inside our tipis without overcrowding them and how they serve as a perfect neutral canvas onto which a unique style and taste can be imprinted.

Our next showcase event is in April and with the expected rise in popularity we encourage you to get in touch and put your names down to ensure entry to what promises to be a wonderful event. Whether you are thinking of a summer party, wedding or corporate event, we look forward to hearing from you soon. In the meantime congratulations to our partners at Skipbridge Country Weddings for an amazing achievement. Click here to see our 2022 Spring showcases.