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Tips for a Magical Intimate Wedding

There is no denying that these are extraordinary and challenging times to be organising your wedding. There is, however, absolutely no reason that your special day cannot be one to live long in the memory and be cherished for the rest of your lives. While the limit of 15 guests can present some awkward decisions to be made, what it does mean is that each and every person in attendance at your wedding will be a very special person in your respective lives and the more intimate gathering also affords you the unique opportunity to create a setting that a larger crowd would render impossible.

Go for a tipi

A smaller gathering will present the opportunity to take advantage of a stunning Nordic tipi, which will be able to hold everyone with social distancing possible. In a large garden or field, a wedding tipi has that wow factor and can be kitted out to look spectacular according to your tastes, of course, but here are a few ideas…

· Get that mood board going and brainstorm some ideas. You should probably settle on a main colour and a theme for your tipi. A traditional white wedding will offset the earthier feel of a tipi quite beautifully, but you may want to go for a Pagan wedding vibe. Watch Vikings for some wardrobe tips!

· Hire an expert company. Supporting the industry right now is a great idea and taking advantage of the unique skillsets of venue decorators will really pay dividends and help you to focus on enjoying the day.

· Prepare an emergency kit. Scissors, tape, cable ties, pins and string can all come in handy on the day, not to mention a good supply of hand sanitiser.

Support local bands/artists/entertainers

It’s been a tough time for bands and singers, so do your research and seek out a local band or singer songwriter that you think will add to the day. We have worked with Matthew Stephens who is a great acoustic wedding singer. The good thing is, that with a more intimate event, the choice of suitable music style will be broader and a subtler, acoustic band could be fantastic. You could even go for a classical quartet for that chamber music vibe.

In addition, you might want to support a local magician or card trickster. They too have struggled to find gigs in these times and can also add a real splash of fun to any wedding.

Dress to impress

Smaller weddings mean that you’re more likely to have lengthier conversations with people and talk is bound to move onto what you’re wearing, so add this to the fact that we all want our wedding to be perfect and our photographs to look the business, it will pay to go the extra mile with your wedding suits for men and dresses for women. Suitsmen have a range of Mens wedding suits that come in so many distinct styles these days, so no matter the look you’re going for, you’re bound to find something suitable. Make sure that attention is paid to your shoes – a quality pair of shoes goes a long way to making your outfit.