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Tips for Planning a Tipi Wedding

Among many other things, it would be nice to think that the current situation has taught many of us to remember the simple pleasure of being outdoors. If you are planning a wedding in the UK you might hesitate at a fully outside wedding with the weather too unpredictable, but thankfully there is another way – thanks to the many excellent wedding tipi hire options available. With a wedding tipi you can have the option of being outside, with cover and a beautiful, intimate change of scene, courtesy of the tipi itself. In fact, the tipi also fits in very nicely with another pandemic discovery for many – the idea of mindfulness and earthy spirituality that has provided calming tonic for a lot of people – the tipi provides the perfect structure to nurture such an atmosphere.

There are a few handy tipi tips that will help immeasurably when planning your tipi wedding.

Fine tune the guest list – with a couple of limits

In line with Covid-19 restrictions and uncertainties, even if planning for next year it is wise to get to grips with your guest list given a range of parameters. Think big and then consider who you’d keep on the invitation list if you were restricted to 30 or 15 guests. It might be tough, but it’s a good idea to get this sorted in your head early on. Depending on your guest list and space available, you might want to consider multiple tipis.

Decide on a location for your tipi wedding

This is where the expertise of wedding tipi hire companies will come to the fore as you will find they are a hive of information when it comes to suggesting potential sites for your tipi wedding. Don’t worry if you already have somewhere in mind, though, but it certainly pays to mention it to the hire companies to ensure the site is suitable.

Plan out the interior space

If you’re going to have some local live musicians perform, consider where they can place themselves, giving them a safe space and plenty of room to manoeuvre. Consider your table layouts, a bar space if desired and a theme for décor. A tipi always looks incredible if there’s a consistent theme – especially when it is something personal to you as a couple. One very effective method is to incorporate some seasonal touches to your theme.

Get a few quotes

When researching the wedding tipi hire company for you, make sure you get at least a couple of quotes, with specific details in place to make sure you get the best price and company for you.

Plan the legal ceremony and route to the tipi

Remember that in England and Wales a legal ceremony cannot be carried out in the tipi itself, so don’t forget to plan a venue and route to wherever your tipi will be for you and your guests.


If you are in a field with a tipi, remember that should it be dark at the end of the celebration you should provide some lighting around the tipi to show guests the way back to the road!