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Ceremony Vs Celebrant

The pros of an outdoor Tipi wedding are endless, have you considered how will you legally get married? Did you know this could take place outside too!?

Teepee Hire Yorkshire – Tipi Hire Yorkshire
Tipi Hire Yorkshire – Teepee Hire Yorkshire

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Some venues offer an area which is legally registered for you to tie the knot. This is a great bonus & ticks a big box if you want to keep everything in one place. Not all locations have this luxury, but don’t worry, there is a Plan B. To find out which venues do offer an outdoor structure to legally get married in, Contact us!

Introducing… (Drum Roll Please) A Blessing Ceremony!

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This is the perfect way to hold an outdoor ceremony at a non-licensed venue. To all intent purposes this is your wedding ceremony. In the world of weddings, there are celebrants that specialise in conducting such ceremonies for you. You can make it as traditional or as non- traditional as you’d like & really make a blessing ceremony personal, to you as a couple. Adding little details like how, where & when you met can really add to to your story…

You do still need to book an appointment with the registry office to arrange all the legal bits of paperwork, but this can be done a week or even a few days before your actual wedding day.

Tipi Wedding Yorkshire – Teepee Wedding Yorkshire

Did you Know…

You can use your Tipis as a ceremony area when having a celebrant wedding.

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If you’ve always wanted to get married in the same place as your parents & maybe even your grandparents, then is a Church wedding the one for you?

Many couples have their local Church in mind & this is always a very special & meaningful celebration. Team this with a vintage bus, to get all of your guests back to your venue & you’ve got the start to a brilliant wedding day!

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