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The Ugly Truth About The 2020 Wedding Season

We all understand that 2020 has been a challenge for everyone, individuals and businesses a like have seen their world turned upside down in one swift lockdown. For us, a Yorkshire Tipi wedding business it has been extremely challenging. A challenge that we have rose to and are delighted to say that we will be delivering Tipi weddings throughout 2021 and beyond. However, the reality is, a lot of wedding businesses won’t make it to 2021.

Teepee Hire Yorkshire – Tipi Hire Yorkshire

We as a company have decided to break our silence!

Throughout Covid 19, we have been keeping our social media pretty positive, head over to our Instagram to see what we have been posting!. However, these are some facts that we have had to overcome as a wedding business in 2020:

⛺ We haven’t delivered any planned 2020 events

⛺ Our income has dropped 96% since March

⛺ We have had to maintain the same ongoing overheads

⛺ We have received 0 financial support from the government ⛺ Postponements of over 60 weddings

⛺ Multiple Wedding Cancellations

Rather than a wedding season full of love, laughter and joy. Like the 2019 Tipi wedding season (pictures below)

Our email inbox has been like this….

2020 has seen Garden Weddings Tipi Hire deliver two intimate wedding. From the first point of contact to delivery of the wedding, everything was planned within 6 weeks. Even with such a short time scale to plan the perfect day, the feedback we received was still amazing!

o read our blog about Lyndsey and Matt’s intimate Tipi wedding, click here!

The UK Prime Minister has openly said:

”I have real sympathy for those in the wedding industry who have been affected. It is a great industry, and times are very tough for them” Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, 12th October 2020.

Teepee Hire Yorkshire – Tipi Hire Yorkshire

So we ask, why have wedding businesses throughout the UK been left in the dark with no clear roadmap for recovery?

With so much uncertainty for couples and wedding businesses we ask again. #whataboutweddings

What About Weddings

Tipi Hire Yorkshire – Wedding Tipi Hire

If your wedding has been affected by the UK government guidance, we are offering free impartial advice. Our expertise lie in, Tipi Tent Hire, Outdoor Weddings & Events, Generator & Toilet hire. Contact a member of our events team today for free advice on your outdoor wedding: W: https://www.garden-weddings.co.uk E: hi@garden-weddings.co.uk M: 07403 417 524