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Tipi Wedding Guest List!

Now this is super important, without your guest list there is you & your fiancé!

Making sure your loved ones are there to share your special day is a must. Mums, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Bride Tribe & Groomsmen are all the key people in your life who will want to be there to celebrate with you. Writing a list of names isn’t the tricky part of nailing your guest list.

Teepee Hire Yorkshire – Tipi Hire Yorkshire

It gets tough when you question, “Who is coming to the ceremony, celebrating all day with us?” and “Who is invited to the evening reception?” Each guest list varies. This can be driven by your budget or the simple fact that you want to keep your day celebration intimate & just share this with your family & closest friends.. We can imagine intimate weddings will be the in thing throughout 2021!

Teepee Hire Yorkshire – Tipi Hire Yorkshire
Teepee hire Yorkshire – Tipi Hire Yorkshire

If this is how you want to do it, there is nothing to say you can’t still have a big evening do, inviting everyone that you know & really letting your hair down! Set a target amount of day and evening guests to begin with and work from there. When choosing your guest list, do whatever feels right to you.

Magical Hint! The average wedding size last year was between 50 & 150 guests. Do what ever feel right, there is no right or wrong way when creating your guest list. Don’t get caught up thinking people will be offended if they are not invited to the whole shindig… We all know someone from the office, who is a great laugh on a staff night out, but you don’t want them to be sharing embarrassing stories, to your parents, after your gorgeous wedding ceremony, maybe save them for the evening reception.

Teepee Hire Yorkshire – Tipi Hire Yorkshire

Be prepared to spend time planning and changing your guest list. You will plan guests for both your day and evening celebration but for various reasons some of your guests might not be able to attend. Don’t worry or be put off by this! It’s common for guest lists to fluctuate. Are you wondering how many guests can fit in our tipis? Contact the Garden Weddings events team today to discuss your Tipi wedding requirements. We’re a friendly bunch of people and are alyways happy to help! W: E: M: 07403 417 524 To see more of Amy and David’s Rockin’ Tipi wedding click here!

Photography: Simon Biffen