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Tipis for Business & Corporate Events (not just Weddings)

Teepee Hire Yorkshire – Tipi Hire Yorkshire

There is nothing quite like a tipi. You will have been to many corporate events and business gatherings and the bulk of them probably merge together in an amorphous blob of quasi-memory somewhere at the very back of your subconscious. But a tipi event, being that little bit distinct and original is likely to remain at the forefront of your memory for some time to come, especially when done right.

Drinks and socials

You might imagine that the tipi and corporate event relationship might be restricted to the likes of cocktail parties, social events and leaving parties, but while all of these would be perfect for the unique atmosphere that is created in a tipi, there are all manner of events that are well suited to being held in tipis, in the business world.

Product launches

You might have a product launch, for instance, that needs some flexible space that can be moulded to create the right setting for your product. You can decorate and furnish a tipi without the sort of disruption a visual overhaul would cause in a conference room or office building. You are able to create the perfect aesthetic for whatever the product launch may be.

Charity events

Tipi Rental, Teepee Rental

You could be organising a sports day or charity run and need somewhere to host the competitors for drinks, food and fun after the event, not to mention to keep volunteers dry in the event of inclement weather! Tipis are perfect for such events – you can have several, each with its unique function and layout tailored to its purpose.

Team building days

Even the most rugged of team building activities could find room for a tipi. The tipi could, of course, play host to the activities themselves, depending on their nature, but even if not they will be perfect for mealtimes. Tipis are incredible versatile and can be set up according to pretty exacting specifications – perfect for many team building days. Tipis can feel a lot more relaxed and ‘off-duty’ than other indoor spaces, of course and with Covid-19 likely to remain a factor into next year, they can be set up to facilitate better airflow and ventilation than a lot of other enclosed environments.

Tipi For Hire – Teepee For Hire


There is absolutely no reason why you can’t benefit from the unique charm, versatility and increased ventilation of a tipi for this year’s conferences. Tipis can be specifically decorated and furnished with great seating arrangements and all of your technological requirements.

Gala dinners and Christmas meals

Tipis can make for exceptional venues for corporate meals as they allow for intimacy and informality and are perfect for bringing caterers in to serve the food. They can be decorated in accordance with the theme – such as Christmas – and will create a more relaxed atmosphere than many other venues.

So, if you are looking for a venue for your upcoming corporate event, you should definitely consider going down the tipi route, for the many benefits that a tipi can bring, including airflow and ventilation (a primary concern these days), flexibility of structure and layout and of course that wow factor!

Tipi Hire Yorkshire – Teepee Hire Yorkshire

If you would like any advice or recommendations on hiring one of our Tipis for your corporate event then don’t hesitate to contact the Garden Weddings Tipi Hire team for more details!

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